Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cloud-gazing I

On some days, the words sag at the joint. Then fold up and squeeze into a trapezoid zone of silence. They refuse to wake up, dance, sing and play at my bidding.

On other days, my landline rings (yes, I still have one). Or my mobile shows 12 missed calls, 10 messages, when I check after an hour or two of putting it on silent mode  ~ to gain mindspace enough to write a fantasy for children or a travel piece for adults.

Which is more real: the far outposts of my imagination… or the tring-tring land of laughter, layered deep in sadness, embedded in personal encounters?

Pause. Delete. Escape. Is that even possible in real life? 

I escape into a 'now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t' world. Away from my PC. Away from my mobile. Far away from my landline.

My Olympus DSLR in hand, I set out to record flyaway memories ~ of clouds, of flowers, of leaves, of shadows, of sunshine. Of all that erases the mood of dyed-in-the-moment life as a fleeting sigh.

Here are a few images that shout out: ‘Hey, I’m free, nothing’s worrying me’:

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